While some of our apps were specially designed to only run on one device (such as AA Quotes on the Apple Watch) many others run superbly on iPhones 4s and up plus any model iPad.



A reference for developers of what methods are needed to accomplish a task and what order to execute them. Searchable with method descriptions, examples and snippets from working programs. Over 50 of the most commonly used methods including: Data Persistence using File System/User Defaults/Archiving, Webview loaded from URL and HTML, Sharing via email/text/Facebook, Grand Central Dispatch, Pull down to refresh, Scrolling, and more! Able to copy/paste snippets or send thru email to your MAC for copying directly into your own source.



Tired of being annoyed by greeters every time you enter a store? Just select the appropriate message (like "No Thanks, I am just browsing!") and point it towards the salesman. The message will be displayed in big bold letters plus read out loud by your iPhone default voice! There is even a "Repeat Message" button to play the message over and over to REALLY annoy them! Over three dozen messages for all sorts of situations: in restaurants, at work, in the gym, while shopping and even relationship issues (such as "I am not TALKING to you!"). Great fun when out with friends. Imagine being able to communicate what is really annoying you without having to actually say it! And it's FREE!



This is a MAN's tip calculator, made FOR men, BY men, for the way MEN tip. When you is out wit da boys and the time comes to divy up the check, who wants to bother with the small stuff (coins)? Just use the keyboard to enter the total check amount, press the "Next" key, enter the number of deadbeats at the table, then press "Calculate". Even a moron like your brudder-in-law could do this! The amount each person owes (in WHOLE dollars) is displayed plus the "all in" total just to keep the boys on the "up and up". Bonus: the phone "speaks" the amount each person owes just to prevent any broo-ha-ha's from the malcontents!

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A.A QUOTES (For the Apple Watch!)


AA Quotes gives you access to the most popular quotes from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Learn what has secretly been handed down for generations... Find the promises, the step prayers, find out what chapter and book a quote is from... Use it to lookup a quote heard during a meeting or as a great way to share a quote when you are speaking from the podium. Easily find quotes by topic (e.g., Step 5, Resentments, Acceptance). The daily quote changes each day - a great addition to your morning prayers and meditation!


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